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Who We Are

A&H Essentials is owned and operated by Hildebrand Associated Business Corporation with principal office in Manila, Philippines.

A&H Essentials is the company's nutraceutical brand with a team of researchers and cellular biologists, working together to develop and manufacture 100% natural and pure nutritional supplements.

A Humble, Healthy and Happy Beginning

A&H Essentials’ humble beginning was born out of two significant moments: Moment of Awakening and Moment of Hope. The worldwide pandemic caused by the new and fatal strain of the Corona virus made the founders realize that something must be done to help and give renewed hope to the people and the country.

The burning passion to stay active and healthy made the founders realize that amidst the next to harsh conditions of the “New Normal”, protecting and preserving one’s health is of utmost importance. Being healthy is not only preventing any disease. The recovery and rebuilding of the body is as crucial. This is to ensure that people can continue with their normal, active and healthy lifestyle. 

The founders strongly believe that there is an answer to all of these realizations by introducing A&H Essentials products. The search began for the nutritional supplement that will address the pressing needs of being able to stay active and healthy especially during these challenging times. It is a basic knowledge that eating the right food can very well address these needs. However, the required nutrients is insufficient due various factors including diet and current lifestyles. The free radicals that exist in our environment causes damage to the cells that leads to deterioration of health. Consumption of nutritional supplements has been the natural recourse worldwide.